A one hour fictionalized tv-special debating the Swedish constitution and monarchy.

The Swedish President is a mixture between fiction and documentary. In a future the monarchy is abolished and the King is dismissed. What made the Swedish people abolish the monarchy after a thousand years? Who will get the honour to become the first president?

In an entertaining and humorous way strong opinions about the monarchy
and the constitution are colliding.

Production Team

Producer/Director: Folke Rydén
Co-Director: Louise Åberg


“You have to encourage Swedish Television to this type of production. Not because it’s tickling to see but it wides and development our train of thoughts. It is also a challenge to conduct a debate in the society. A kind of role play or a reality show”.
– Resumé

“To be critical and to review our royal family without shame and flattery is difficult. It´s very easy to forget the backbone when the King is beside you. But in Folke Rydén’s invention show about the future of monarchy everything will be revealed and the question will be asked without blush: Why do we want a King today, that is to say that the head of the state has got his job not because of his competence but because of a sexual intercourse”.
– Swedish National Radio