A two-part science documentary about the promises and threats of genetics and the new biology.

Folke Rydén has travelled far and wide, meeting some of the world’s most prominent scientists who are involved in the kind of research no one thought possible. The result is both astounding and gripping. The films describe some of the crucial consequences of the research in ordinary people’s lives.

Part 1: Body and Mind. Are we healthier and happier as a result of the new biology and modern genetics? Or does the newly acquired knowledge about hereditary gene pools confront people with impossible choices? Health and disease, which babies do we want born, our attitude towards the human race, and our religious beliefs.  The ethical issues are numerous and by no means clear cut.

Part 2: Food and Environment. Would you eat gene-modified food? This is a film about pioneering technology and about people’s fear. It is about the latest in genetics and the biotechnology that aims at doing away with famine and environmental pollution. What are the risks? What can we gain?

Production Team

Producer/Director: Folke Rydén
Photography: Mats Lund, Marcus Skogström
Assistant producer: Lotta Skoglund
Production assistants: Karin Molin, Daniel Singh, Eva Lottsfeldt

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