This sequel to “Not too Young to Die” re-examines the Miguel Martinez case. Martinez was 17 years old when he was sentenced to death for a crime he claimed he did not commit. Folke Rydén and his crew return to Texas for an in-depth examination and reveal astonishing new facts.

“Laredo & The Law” mirrors an age when escalating violence in American society leads to more citizens demanding stiffer sentences for juvenile offenders. It is also a time when the nation is going to war in foreign countries arguing moral and humanitarian reasons. Yet the same U.S. is allowing its courts to execute a young man without giving him a second trial and a second chance for justice.

Production Team

Producer: Folke Rydén, for Swedish Television
Camera: Bo Sand
Music: Erik Häusler & Kjell Möller



1999 Best Investigative Documentary award – FIGRA, International Festival of investigative and current affairs documentaries
2000 Bronze World Medal – The New York Festivals
2000 Certificate of Merit – Golden Gate Awards, San Francisco Film Festival