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Folke Rydén at the Nobel Museum

Science for Life will be screened on Mars 5 at the Nobel Museum in [...]

Zlota Rybka selected

to the 4th edition of the International Film Festival in Lorient, France and to the [...]

Folke Rydén at TEDx in Gothenburg

University of Gothenburg hosted a TEDx conference on November 25. Folke Rydén was one of [...]

Kiev: For Cod’s Sake Awarded

at the 3rd International Film Festival. This is the 11th award or nomination for the [...]

Dirty Waters Screening at the Nobel Museum

Dirty Waters will be screened at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. [...]

Folke Rydén and Ulrika Björkstén has been nominated

to the Environmental Journalist of the Year Award. [...]

Folke Rydén awarded for best journalistic performance

The award was given at the Ökofilmtour film festival 2011, in Potsdam/Germany. [...]

Swedish Parliament and Dirty Waters

Dirty Waters was screened at a special session at the Swedish Parliament. Members from all [...]

Dirty Waters World Premiere

A disturbing account of animal farms and algae blooms in the Baltic Sea. On SVT [...]

Cods in San Francisco

For Cod’s Sake, has been selected for screening in the 8th San Francisco Ocean Film [...]