Lon was born into a deprived family in a rural Thai village. At the age of 13, when her father died, she was sent away from home to work in Bangkok.

In less than a year, her virginity was sold to a tourist for 30,000 Baht (900 USD).

Despite being lonely and ashamed of herself, Lon felt she was obliged to become a sex worker to support her family back home. Her family never asked where the money came from. They only asked for more.

Today, 16 years later, Lon is held at a low security hospital in the U.K. She was incarcerated after chasing a police officer with a knife when her newborn baby was taken away from her. Her mental health was questioned.

Now she is about to be released and deported.

This is when our story begins. The film follows Lon back to Thailand, back to her native village and family, back to the red-light district in Bangkok where it all started.

Behind the smile paints a  picture of Thailand, far beyond stereotyped news coverage.


Duration: 52 and 58 min.