Folke Rydén was born in Uppsala, Sweden. With an MA in journalism from the University of Stockholm, he began working for Swedish national television in 1982. In 1989 Folke Rydén became the U.S. Correspondent for SVT, based in Washington D.C. He moved to Hong Kong in 1996.

Folke Ryden has won numerous international awards and his documentaries have been shown all over the world. In 1993, he was awarded the Bonnier Grand Prize in journalism – the most prestigious journalism award in Sweden

Today Folke Rydén is living and working in Sweden where he has his own production company, FRP AB.

Folke Rydén’s great passion is skydiving. He is a five-time National Champion and he has participated in several record-breaking skydiving formations.

Curriculum Vitae:

1980-82  MA Journalism, University of Stockholm
1982-87  Staff reporter, Swedish Television (SVT)
1987-89  Staff reporter, Foreign News Desk, Swedish Television (SVT).
1989-96  U.S. Correspondent SVT, Washington, USA
1996-97  Asia Correspondent, SVT, Hong Kong
1998-      Freelance correspondent & director/producer of documentary film

More about 25 years of reporting: here

Download a PDF-version of the CV: Folke Ryden CV.pdf