“The world will never be the same”, people said after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. One year later former U.S. correspondent Folke Rydén returns to the U.S. to report on what happened and the consequences.

In an emotional and personal reportage Folke Rydén meets with some of the victims and heroes of the tragedy. The film depicts how their lives have changed, the demands for revenge and the appeals for peace, the fear of new attacks and the war against terrorism, which some fear is at the expense of human rights and the U.S. trademark – individual freedom.

Production Team:

Producer: Folke Rydén, for Swedish Television
Camera: Bo Sand



”A personal report”

”Folke Rydén has once again proven his skill”

Reviews Swedish

”…personligt reportage om hur attacken rammade amerikaners självkänsla och framtidstro…En film som gärna hade fått vara lite längre”
– Aftonbladet, 2002

“…Folke Rydéns reportage från USA var starkt. De människoöden han skildrade grep verkligen tag i oss tittare…Folke Rydén visade än en gång sin skicklighet”
– Nerikes Allehanda, 2002